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Feminism, #metoo, male construct,marlboro man, cigarette advertising, toxic masculinity
Radical Feminism I-IV
Acrylic on canvas
16 x 20 inches each

This series of 4 is an expansion on the idea explored in the poster section of the juxtaposition of cowboys and the word vagina. The most macho thing I can think of versus the most feminine thing I can think of.

It's destroying 1 construct by destroying another construct. The idea of destroying on old male construct with a hard edged word that can be seen as having a softer meaning is quite deliberate. At the time I was thinking these up the #metoo movement had not started. The way I see it though I have a daughter and there is nothing she can not do.

The old male construct is something I will gladly watch die out. Referencing old cigarette ads for this purpose is an irony that is also not lost on me.