• Christopher Wanklyn @ 4Art SPACE, July - September 2020

    Christopher Wanklyn @ 4Art SPACE, July - September 2020

    This is a link to a video interview.

    I will be showing artwork here at 4Art Space for the next 3 months.
    It will be by appointment, 10am to 2pm on Saturdays, beginning July 11th.
    Please contact Robin Rios or myself to make an appointment, the address is below.

    Thought I would start off by showing some of my pen and sharpie collages. I have my oldest and most recent up as well as unframed ones available to see.
    This show will be curated so it will be changed out for something different every few weeks. We have some time, please make it if you can.

    4Art Space
    4th floor, Zhou B Art Center
    1029 W. 35th Street
    Chicago, IL 60609
    Instagram: @4artspace @robinmoniquerios

  • https://www.instagram.com/p/CAtMWmaFwot/

    An interview I did for Art Institute of Chicago's Instagram account during the pandemic

  • WORD at Sip Cafe, Crown Point, IN

    WORD at Sip Cafe, Crown Point, IN

    Another local area show, 2 pieces.


  • 4Art Space, August 2019

    4Art Space, August 2019

    Had selected works of mostly the past 5 years up. This was a great show, I met a lot of cool people and I will be back next year.


  • Fear/Less at Sip Cafe, Highland IN, Feb-June 2019

    Fear/Less at Sip Cafe, Highland IN, Feb-June 2019

    Had 3 pieces in this show that spanned February to June 2019.
    It's good to be involved in my local art scene and it was up for some time as well.


  • It's Political, 2018. Las Laguna Gallery, Laguan Beach, CA

    It's Political, 2018. Las Laguna Gallery, Laguan Beach, CA

    I had 1 painting in this show, up for a month.
    It was returned to me damaged. I'm lucky enough to have some colleagues in the field of art conservation and each one said the same thing. Something heavy got dropped on my painting. There was NO evidence on the package of anything being dropped on it. The painting had impact marks. Las Lagunas refused to pay me for the painting THEY damaged.

    I have since repainted the piece.


  • The Near Real, Gallery of Speculative Art, October 2017

    The Near Real, Gallery of Speculative Art, October 2017

    Had an entire room/space in this weekend pop up in Pullman, Chicago.
    Sold "Atomic Mediocrity, 2016" as well as a re-worked "Old Glorious Barcode"


  • Witness-The Artist's Response

    Witness-The Artist's Response

    "Witness-The Artist's Response" at The Elephant Room, Chicago. March 2017. "

    "March of the Sheep, 2017" and 1 of "The Pursuit Of Happiness" featured.


  • Dangerous Lullabies II, October 2016

    1 piece in group show at Dole Mansion, Crystal Lake IL



  • Protest, September 2016

    Protest, September 2016

    5 pieces included in Group show at Slate Art & Performance, Chicago IL



  • Paperworks, June - July 2016

    Group show. 2 collaged pieces at Upstream Gallery, NY.


  • Greenleaf Tattoo, Chicago. Group Show, 2015

    Featured prominently in November group show.
    Resulted in a sale

  • Contemporary War, Enclave Project. Valporaso, IN 2015

    7 pieces from the " War Without End" series featured.
    Happy to see these works see the light of day.

  • 2015. Cafe Efebina, Pilsen, Chicago. Solo show

    March - July. Many pieces featured.

  • Morpho Gallery, Chicago Artist Month, 2014

    Chicago Artist Month Group show, October-November.
    1 of each "The Pursuit of Happiness.

  • 9th Annual Morpho Gallery Winter Sessions. 2014

    I won the 2nd session. 3 pieces, 1 of each " Pursuit of Happiness" got into the Chicago Artist Month group show.

  • 8th annual Winter Sessions 2013, Gallery Morpho. 3rd show, 2-22 to 3-11, 2013

    "Insignificant I" will feature in the 3rd session. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Morpho-Gallery/295799729789

    It will be up from 2-22 until 3-11, 2013

  • 8th annual Winter Sessions 2013, Gallery Morpho. 2nd show, 2-1 to 2-17, 2013

    2nd session shall feature "Gorgon I, Medusa Palin". http://www.facebook.com/pages/Morpho-Gallery/295799729789

    It will be up from 2-1 until 2-17-2013

  • Artwork 6, AIC Employee Art Show. 1-18-2013 til 2-1-2013, Sullivan Galleries,

    The "Holiday Snaps"series from 2008-09 will be up from 1-18-2013 til 2-1-2013. Sullivan Galleries, 7th Floor, 33 S.State Street.

  • 8th Annual Winter Sessions 2013, Gallery Morpho. Ist show, 1-11 to 27, 2013

    "John Q Law I & II" will be up at Morpho Gallery on 5216 N.Damen, Chicago from 1-11-2013 through to 1-27-2013. It is featured in the first show of the 8th Annual Emerging Artist Exhibition, Winter Sessions.


  • End Of The World, 12-21-2012. 2 day exhibition at HQ

    The "Insignificant" from 2010-11 and some collage pieces will be on show over the weekend of December 21-22, 2012 at HQ on 1914 W. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago.

  • Lincoln Square Art Walk.


    I will have some pieces in this show.
    "Gorgon I, Medusa Palin" is in the best in show category.
    My pieces will be on show in the Dank Haus Cultural Center until 12-1-12.

    Opening night for Best in Show is 10-18-12.

  • Featuring in Group Show,

    Featuring 1 poster in POST! A Politically Charged Poster Show.
    Opens 8-25-2012. Piece is not featured on website.
    In Tampa, Florida coinciding with Republican National Convention.
    Should be fun.

    Here is a link to the story.

  • Solo show.

    Got my first solo show at Royal Flesh Tattoo, 4005 N.Broadway St.
    corner of Irving Park & Broadway.
    Opening is 8-25-2012, 7pm til midnight.
    Should be up until late September/early October. No closing date yet.
    There will be both paintings and collages. Good amount of space.